Exit Intent Technology

MoEngage's Exit Intent Technology detects the activity of your website users and prompts a trigger when the user is about to leave your website. You can leverage this prompt for your desktop web and mobile web traffic in your On-Site Messaging(OSM) campaigns.

How do we detect exit intent?

We detect the exit intent of users on the desktop and mobile web, as described below:

      • Exit Intent on Desktop Web - On the desktop web, we detect the cursor's movement on the browser tab, and as soon as the cursor moves outside the browser tab, MoEngage SDK will trigger an exit intent campaign.
      • Exit Intent on Mobile Web - On the mobile website, we detect an exit intent based on one of the following conditions:
              • When the user taps on the back button or gestures to move to the previous page on the browser.
              • When the user tries to switch between tabs by double-clicking the browser or by clicking on the tab button of the browser.
              • On scrolling down by 50% and then scrolling up by 5% - This will display the browser's top bar from where a new tab can be opened. 

Use-cases for Exit Intent Campaigns

      • Capture the Email Id of users when they are about to leave the website.
      • Retain user interest by showing the best offers on your website on exit intent. Personalize these offers by creating segments and content for specific geographies.
      • Ask users for feedback when they are about to leave the website to get more insight into where you can improve.

Create OSM Campaigns with Exit Intent Trigger

To create OSM campaigns based on exit intent, do the following:

      1. Navigate to +Create Campaign on the All Campaigns Page.
      2. Select On-site from the list of inbound channels.
      3. In Step-1 of campaign creation, select Trigger Action as Exit Intent, as shown below.
      4. Add the required details for campaign creation and publish it. For more information, refer to create on-site messaging campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

arrow_drop_down How long will it take for the exit intent campaign to be shown on the browser after the user has shown an exit intent?

Typically, we are able to show messages on the browser within 1-2 seconds after exit intent is detected, depending on the network's latency. On the first page visit, it may take about 5 seconds for the campaign to be shown to the user after the page loads. 

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