Configure App Push

Navigate to Settings > Channels > Push > App Push 

Android (FCM)

To configure push notifications for Android devices you must authenticate FCM on MoEngage. To know more about configuring the fields under FCM Authentication, refer to FCM Authentication. 


iOS Authentication

Apple Push Notification Service(APNS) is necessary for sending Push notifications to your iOS app. To configure push notifications for iOS devices, choose one of the following APNS iOS Authentication methods available, and configure their details according to your documentation.

  1. APNS Authentication Key
  2. APNS Provider Certificate

Show iOS Impressions

Enable the Show iOS Impressions toggle to show the iOS impressions count on the Campaign Analytics and All Campaigns page. To enable iOS impressions count, additional integration with the iOS SDK is required. For more information, refer to the Notification Service Extension section.



The Show iOS Impressions toggle is turned off by default and is enabled only when the iOS SDK integration is completed.

Huawei (Push AMP+)

You must configure the fields in Huawei to send push notifications to Huawei devices. To know more about this, refer to Configuring Huawei Push on MoEngage



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