February 2023

Custom Segment Public API

Custom Segments help you create user segments by defining filter conditions. The following APIs are available: 

      1. Create a custom segment for the given filters
      2. Update a custom segment by id
      3. Get custom segment definition by id
      4. List custom segments by name.

For more information, refer to Overview -Custom Segment API.

Android 12 Previews

You can preview how the notification would get rendered on the user's device for various Android SDK versions in the MoEngage Dashboard. The following preview options are available:

      1. Android 11 and below
      2. Android 12 and above

For more information, refer to Android 12 Previews.

SFTP file imports

You can import users (both registered and anonymous) and events through files stored inside your SFTP folders. For more information, refer to SFTP Imports.

Data Encryption using PII

MoEngage allows the encryption of user and event attributes marked as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). You can enable data encryption for all user and event attributes except a list of reserved ones that cannot be encrypted. For more information, refer to PII Data Encryption.


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