Feature or Product in Beta

If you see the Beta tag around the product or feature, it indicates that the respective product or feature is not released to the public but is in open/closed beta release.

What is a beta release?

Beta Release is done when the product feature is complete and all the development is done but there are possibilities that it could contain some bugs and performance issues. This release is mostly done for users who want to test the product, use it cautiously, and can report bugs. 

What is closed/open beta release?

When the Product/feature in beta is exposed to all the customers, it is called Open Beta Release.

When the Product/feature in beta is exposed only to a limited/closed group of customers, it is called Closed Beta Release.

What does it mean for MoEngage users?

If you are seeing any Beta product/feature, you would be among the users/clients who would have either requested the feature or the Product team @ MoEngage would have considered the product/feature relevant for you.

When you are using any Beta feature, you should use it with caution i.e. it might have some low-impact bugs that might have seeped in through QA. Also, it will be great if you report any bugs or performance issues that you face while using the product/features in beta. It will help us to improve your experience and deliver a bug-free product.

For any queries, feel free to write us at: support@moengage.com

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