April 2021

Here are the items, we released in April'21 to take your customer engagement to the next level:

Add Control groups or A/B test in In-app campaigns

Create A/B/n for your In-App campaign

Test the efficacy of your In-App campaigns for different templates, images, text, or click track analysis by leveraging the A/B Testing feature of In-App campaigns.

  • Add up to five different variations of your In-App message
  • Distribute users dynamically using Sherpa or manually by defining the percentages.


Add Control Groups  to In-app campaigns

  • Restrict a subset of your target audience from receiving the In-App campaign
  • Measure the uplift that your In-App campaigns are creating with control groups.

Analyze the A/B experiment of In-App campaign

Measure the performance of your A/B experiment or control group with the following metrics:

  • Best performing variant

  • Chances to beat other variants

  • Uplift in the conversions due to your campaign against a control group

For more information, refer to A/B Testing and Control Groups with Mobile In-App Campaigns.

Affinity Segments

You can Segment users based on their passion, habits, and interests and send them personalized messages relevant to their tastes e.g. Segment users whose favorite singer is Rihanna and send contextual messages on new songs released or concerts of Rihanna.

Affinity segments can also segment users performing an action on a specific day or time. For example, segment users who make purchases on Saturday morning and send the offer message for weekend sale.


For more information, refer to Affinity Segments.

Campaign Tags

Add context to your campaigns or flows and make them more descriptive by adding tags. Group your Tags by categories to manage and analyze them easily. After a tag is added to a campaign, marketers can:

  • Analyze and generate reports based on campaign tags

  • Create segments to retarget or target users interacting with campaigns having specific tags.

For more information, refer to Campaign Tags.

We have improved on designs and usability for Emails and SMS

SMS - New

We have enhanced our user experience by redesigning the user interface to bring uniformity across campaigns and channels.


Email - New

We have enhanced our user experience by redesigning the user interface to bring uniformity across campaigns and channels.

Highlights of changes:

  • Create email campaigns from the main segmentation page using the segmentation. 

  • Navigate using the top navigation for the steps to create an email campaign.

  • Step 2 in email creation has collapsable email details, which gives more space to play with the editor.

  • All the template-related actions are grouped under a single drop-down in the top right corner of the template editor for better context.

  • CC or BCC fields of the email are now displayed separately.

  • Attachments are in a separate section.


For more information, refer to Email.

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