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Alerts can be created from the Alert Management Dashboard in MoEngage. Out-of-the-box alerts cannot be created. MoEngage offers role-based access control for account admins to enable different levels of access permissions (to dashboard components) for your team members. Only those roles that have permission to create custom alerts can do so. For more information, refer to Access Permissions.

Steps to create an alert

To create an Alert:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> App -> Alert management.
  2. In the Alert Management Dashboard, click on +Create alert at the top right corner.
  3. Fill in the following details:
    Field Description
    Alert name

    This field specifies the unique name with which the Alert will be identified on the Dashboard. For example, if you wish to set up an alert for campaign expiry, you could name the alert Campaign Expiry Alert.

    You can look up the Alert in the Dashboard using its name.

    Alert type

    This field specifies the type of the Alert. Alerts can be one of the following types:

    • Campaign Expiry - an alert to inform you when the campaign is about to expire.
    • Facebook Token Expiry - an alert to inform you that it is time to regenerate your Facebook token.
    • APNS Token Expiry - an alert to inform you that the APNS token's validity is about to expire.
    Delivery channel This field specifies how the Alert will be delivered to you. Email is the supported delivery channel. Once an alert is set up, you will receive an email when the alert condition is met. For example, if the alert has been set up to send an email when the campaign is about to expire in two days, you will receive the email alert two days before your campaign's expiry.
    Alert condition

    This field specifies when the alert should be sent.

    Filter by (Option available for Campaign Expiry Alert only)

    This field specifies the filter conditions for a campaign expiry alert and is used to filter campaigns expiring in 'x' days (specified in the Alert condition) on the following criteria:

    • Channels - You can select All Channels or specify individual channels for which the expiry alert needs to be set up.
    • Delivery Types - You can select All Delivery Types or specify them individually.
    • Tags - You can select All Tags (Campaign tags) or specify them individually.

    If no filter is specified, you will receive alerts for campaign expiration in all channels.


    This field lists the email IDs of the members who will be alerted. When left unspecified, all the members will be alerted via email.

  4. Click Create.

You will see a success message (as shown below) once the Alert has been created. You will be redirected to the Alert Management Dashboard, where the newly created alert is available.


Now that you've created an alert, you can view and manage it from the Alert Manager. For more information, refer to Manage Alerts.


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