Preference Management for Push Notifications


  • We've revamped our dashboard settings. This article describes the steps to configure the Preference Management Settings in the revamped settings UI and the older UI.
  • For Email Preference Management, under the GDPR compliance, by default, we do not send emails to Blocks, unsubscribed, and complaints.


Preference Management allows you to automatically exclude specific users from the campaigns.

Use cases for Preference Management

  1. You do not want to send any campaigns (Event Triggered, Flows, General Campaigns) to the users who have opted out of Push notifications from a subscription page.
  2. You want to automatically block all Push notifications for users when they have requested to block push notifications by invoking one of the rights under GDPR.
  3. You want to blacklist a segment of users from all types of push notifications during certain situations like natural calamities in specific regions.

The default behavior of the campaigns would be to exclude the users selected in the preference management. However, you still have the flexibility to override these preferences while creating a campaign.

Setting Preferences

Revamped UI Old UI

Navigate to Settings > Channels > Push > Preference Management.


Push Preferences

Revamped UI Old UI

To enable preference management in the new UI, you must enable the Exclude users button. You can then proceed to define a criteria for the excluded users. 

  • Add a filter for the users you want to exclude in the Criteria for excluded users section. You can see the count of these users by clicking on Show Count.
  • Click on Save to save your configuration.
  • You can also click on Reset to reset the preference management criteria.
  • Click on Confirm to save your criteria. 
    Confirm Preferences.png 



Override preferences while creating a campaign

You can include the opted-out users while creating a campaign by overriding the preferences as shown below. This is generally used for sending transactional messages.

For Push Campaigns

On the campaign creation screen, select the option “Send campaign to the users excluded in preferences”.

PM in Create Campaigns.png

For Push Notifications in Flows:

  1. Go to Flows settings.
  2. For Push, select “Send campaigns to the users excluded in Push preferences".

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