"Quieter permissions" for Web Push Chrome Subscription

Chrome has announced the introduction of Quieter permissions for web push subscriptions to address the common user complaint that many websites request notification permission on the first visit rather than at contextually relevant moments in the user’s journey which inadvertently gives a bad user experience. 

From chrome version 80 onwards, chrome will not show interruptive web push opt-in permission on the first-page load(web visit), instead, it will block it by default which the users can override if required. This is termed Quieter permissions, and this will be available on both Desktop and mobile versions of the browser. Below is an example of how it works. 
Chrome version 80 will be released publicly on 4th Feb 2020, and with it, chrome users will have the option to enable quieter permissions from the browser settings section. In the cases mentioned below, the quieter permissions will be enabled by default 
  1. For users who repeatedly block the notifications across the websites on their chrome browser 
  2. For websites that have very low opt-in rates across the chrome browser platform

So, potentially if you are using a one-step opt-in for the web push subscription, from 4th Feb 2020 onwards you could see a significant dip in new subscriptions. To avoid such a scenario please go to your  Web Push settings and move to the 2step op-tin or self-handled opt-in. Both a 2-step opt-in or a self-handled contextual opt-in should provide the required context for the notification permission ask and make it relevant for the user. Click here to know the step by step to change the opt-in method. 



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