User Merging and Flows
  1. What is User Merge? How does it affect my Flows Metrics?

    The process of merging users comes into play when MoEngage can identify anonymous users upon signing up or logging in, usually associated with new users registering on your platform. In such scenarios, the past thirty minutes of activity for the guest profile or the last hundred events performed by the user (whichever is minimum) will get transferred to the registered profile. For more information, refer to User Merging.

    To avoid any issues related to user merging, it is recommended to keep separate flows for sign-ups and welcome scenarios. Alternatively, you can configure an appropriate delay during the Entry Stage. When user profiles of users in your flows merge, the guest profile or anonymous profile for that user is subsequently dropped, and the registered profile continues from where the drop-off took place.

  2. How to reduce user merge from happening while users are in flows?

    When anonymous users log in or sign up, MoEngage can sometimes identify them, which results in user merging. This typically occurs when new users sign up to your platform. To prevent user merging when users are in a flow, it is recommended to create separate flows for sign-ups and welcome scenarios or introduce a delay during the Entry Stage.



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