Event & Category Name Update

In Event dropdowns, there were a few event names that had less readability. MoEngage renamed those events' and category's names to have ease of use and better readability.

The list of Event Name, Existing Category, New event name, and New category is given below - 

Old Name Old Category Updated Name Updated Category
MOE_APP_EXIT Tracked User Event App Exit Lifecycle
MOE_LOGOUT Tracked User Event User Logout Lifecycle
UPDATE Tracked User Event App Update Lifecycle
MO_PUSH_PREFERENCE_CHANGED Tracked User Event Push Preference Changed iOS Campaign Activity
NOTIFICATION_DISMISSED_IOS_MOE Tracked User Event Notification Dismissed iOS Campaign Activity 
NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED_IOS_APP_ACTIVE  Tracked User Event Notification Received iOS App Active Campaign Activity 
USER EXITED FLOW  Tracked User Event User Exited Flow Campaign Activity 
USER ENTERED FLOW Tracked User Event User Entered Flow Campaign Activity 

MOE_APP_EXIT is an on-demand event and is a paid feature. Please connect with the MoEngage support team if this event is not available in your account.

Two of the categories in the User Properties were also renamed - 

Old Category Name Updated Category Name Description
MoEngage Tracked Attribute Tracked Standard Attribute User attributes tracked by clients in the standard key provided by MoEngage such as Email, Name, etc.
Tracked User Attribute Tracked Custom Attribute User attributes are tracked by clients in the desired custom key.

The changes are to be visible in all event drop downs and user attribute dropdowns in the MoEngage dashboard. The changes are also available in the User Profile.

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