User unable to log in

Issue: An error occurs on the 2 Factor Authentication screen during login


After entering the email and password, the user is redirected to the 2 Factor Authentication screen and then to the login screen with the error “OTP Expired, please login again. “


If there is a difference between the local system time and the current time, the code verifies the user's current local system time for OTP verification. So, the user gets the error for OTP expiration.

Resolution Steps

  • Ask the user to check the current local system time and verify it with the current time on this website:
  • If the times differ, ask the user to change their system time.


This issue is also seen with a difference of 3 seconds in the timings, so if the user mentions that there is no time difference or the issue is unresolved after following the resolutions steps, please contact the user and verify the exact time.

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