Export Flows

Flow exports provide detailed reports of the chosen flow that help analyze its performance. These reports include the following details:

      • flow stage details
      • entry and exit stats 
      • control groups
      • delivery stats
      • conversions

These details can be extracted for a specific date range or split day-wise.

Steps to export campaigns

      1. Navigate to the concerned Flow from the All Flows page.
      2. Choose the version for which you wish to export the data in the version selector. The active version of the flow is selected by default.
      3. Click on "Export" beside "Duplicate" at the top.Export.png
      4. Follow the steps below to fill in the details in the popup and click export to get your report:
              • Enter your E-mail ID. By default, the mail ID of the logged-in account gets filled.
              • Choose the Report Type
                • Campaigns - This report helps check the performance of all the action campaigns for the chosen date/ date range. The numbers shown in the report are recorded within the selected time range irrespective of when those users entered the flow:CampaignsType.png
                • Users - This report helps check all the stats related to users who have entered during the chosen date/ date range. UsersType.png
              • Define the period for which the report has to be generated.
              • In the case of Campaigns report type, you can either generate an Aggregate report or a day-wise report.
      5. The generated report will be mailed to the filled-in Email ID in the zip format.

For more information about exporting reports for all the versions of a flow, refer to Exporting Flow Performance Data.

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