Google Ads Audience Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics

The campaign analytics section has the following information:

Field Description
Eligible users

This is the number of users who have qualified for the campaign based on their having fulfilled all of the following conditions:

  1. segmentation criteria and trigger criteria if applicable
  2. they have either of the chosen identifiers (Device Identifier (Device ID) or  Customer Match Identifiers - Mobile Number, Email)present.
Attempted This is the number of users for whom there was at least 1 identifier found and MoEngage was able to hit the Google Ads API for that user using that identifier.
Successfully synced

This is the number of users from the list of attempted users that were added to Google Ads audiences. 

Note: Since Google syncs the audience data asynchronously and we don't get an explicit success response, MoEngage assumes that the 2xx response from Google Ads API represents a successful addition to the Customer List audience.

Failed to add

This is the number of attempted users who were not added to Google Ads Audience for some internal/external reason.


This represents the unique number of successfully synced users who have received the conversion event during the attribution window.

Conversion events

This represents the number of successfully synced users who have received the conversion event during the attribution window.

Note: Conversion Goal is optional during campaign creation. If it is added during campaign creation, the above conversion-related metrics are measured and displayed. 

Campaign Analytics for all Delivery Types

The information in the above table is available for all delivery types.

Campaign Analytics for Periodic Campaigns

In the case of a periodic campaign, the above stats are available for the parent campaign. The stats for the child campaigns (every instance of the campaign run) are shown in a table below these stats.


Campaign Stats Filters

These filters are available only for periodic and event-triggered campaigns.

    1. Aggregation Type - You can choose Total/Average here.
    2. Date Range - Choose the date range for which you want to see the information about the campaign instances.

Time Trends

The time trends for the campaign are available for stats shown in the table along with the details of the attribution window as shown below.


Campaign Failure Breakdown

In the case of a campaign failure for any user, the reasons for failure are shown in an error table as shown in the image below.


List of possible errors

The campaign failure breakdown section will list the errors or failures encountered while running the campaign. These could be access-related errors or data related failures or API/service-related failures and they are listed below.

Campaign Failure related to access/login errors 

      1. Google login has become invalid
      2. Access token expired or invalid
      3. Permission denied to access the Google Ads account
      4. Insufficient google ads permission, please check your google ads access scope

All these errors pertain to insufficient access privileges or invalid credentials.  Ensure that your account is active and that the login (with which you are trying to run the campaign) has admin or standard access privileges on your Google Ads Account.

Campaign Failure related to data 

      1. No users eligible for Google Ads Audience Sync
      2. Invalid Google Ads account Customer Id

Campaign Failure related to API/Service related errors

These failures could be because of errors that occur while uploading the data to Google or generic errors returned by Google or connection-related issues. These errors can occur when the service is down either at MoEngage or Google.

Campaign Info

The campaign info tab has the following information:

Field Description


This section contains information about the target segment chosen for the campaign.

Qualification Criteria

This section contains information about the filters and criteria that the users in the target segment need to satisfy to qualify for the campaign.

Google Ads Audience

This section details the information on whether the audience will be added to or removed from the custom audience.

Campaign Goals

This section contains information about the goals set for the campaigns.

Delivery Schedule

This section contains information about the campaign's delivery schedules - the time the campaign instance started and ended.

The image below illustrates the Campaign Info section for a Google Ads Audience Sync campaign where an audience is being added.



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