Default iOS SDK

This document list all the information which is collected by default with iOS SDK. 

Default Events

Following are the events collected by MoEngage iOS SDK:

Event Name Description
INSTALL/UPDATE Tracked on calling setAppStatus: method of SDK
REINSTALL On reinstalling the app
MO_PUSH_PREFERENCE_CHANGED On change of App Push Permission settings in iOS.
Notification Received iOS On receiving the notification
Notification Clicked iOS On clicking the notification
NOTIFICATION_DISMISSED_IOS_MOE On dismissing the notification
Geo Fence Triggered On triggering a Geofence
Mobile In-App Shown On In-App being shown
Mobile In-App Clicked Mobile In-App Clicked
Mobile In-App Closed On In-App Dismiss by Close button
Mobile In-App Auto Dismissed In-App automatically dismissed without user action
Mobile App Rating Done When a user has given a rating through In-App Campaign
DT_CAMPAIGN_SCHEDULED A real-time trigger campaign is scheduled to be shown later
DT_CAMPAIGN_SCHEDULE_FAILED   On error, while scheduling a Real-time trigger campaign
MOE_APP_EXIT Whenever the app goes to the background
MOE_LOGOUT Whenever the resetUser method of SDK is called


Default User Attributes

The following list is having the user attributes that can be collected by MoEngage iOS SDK. Please refer to Tracking User Attributes for passing this information to MoEngage.

User Attribute Name Description
ID Unique Id for a user.
Name Full Name of the user
First Name First Name of the user.
Last Name Last Name of the user.
Email The email address of a user.
Mobile Number  Mobile Number of the user.
Gender Gender of the user.
Birthday Birthdate of the user.
Tracked when setUserDateOfBirth() is called with an NSDate instance of the user’s DOB.
Location Latitude and Longitude of the user.
Advertising Identifier IDFA of the device.
Push Opt In Status (iOS) Current Push preference is set in the device settings(true/ false).
USER_PUSH_PREFERENCE User Push preference tracked by using SDK method trackUserPushPreference: (true/ false)


GDPR Push opt-out status. (true/ false)

Device Info

Following are the device attributes collected by MoEngage iOS SDK:

Identifier Information Optional
ADVERTISING_IDENTIFIER IDFA (An alphanumeric string unique to each device used only for serving advertisements) - ref link Yes
IDFV identifierForVendor (An alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a device to the app’s vendor) - ref link Yes
device_tz Device Timezone No
model Device model type eg: "iPhone"/"iPad" No
model_name Specific Device Model Name eg: "iPhone 7", "iPhone X" etc No
os_ver Current iOS version of the device No


Only ADVERTISING IDENTIFIER is available on the dashboard for segmentation and analytics usage as of now. IDFA and IDFV will not be collected if data tracking is opted out with GDPR opt-out methods.

For the list of all MoEngage-generated events and attributes, refer to Derived Events and Attributes.

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