Campaign Drafts

A campaign draft is a saved version of the campaign you created. MoEngage facilitates saving campaign drafts automatically and manually, as described in the following sections.

Auto Save Campaign Drafts

This feature helps you save campaign drafts automatically without having to click Save Draft during campaign creation for all outbound and inbound channels. Your progress will get saved automatically every thirty seconds and when you move out of the campaign editor ( if there is any difference between the last saved and existing draft content).




  • If a user is working on a draft and another user updates the same draft, then the current user will see a message on top indicating that a newer version of the draft is available, also asking the user to reload to get the updated changes.                     NewVersion.png
  • Autosave will only work when the tab is active.

Save Campaign Drafts Manually

You can manually save a campaign draft by clicking the Save Draft button at the top right corner of your campaign creation screen, as seen in the following image.


Where can you see your drafts?

Campaign drafts are available on the All Campaigns page in the Drafts section.

To see your drafts, go to Engage -> Campaigns and click on the DRAFTS tab.


Who can see your drafts?

Users with Manager, Admin, and Marketer roles can view, create, and manage drafts. For more information, refer to Access Roles.





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