How can I test the notification without user details on Chrome?

If you are not sending user details to MoEngage, to identify and target him, it's hard to test a push notification before actually sending it. Don't worry, you can target a user with push token information. Are you wondering how to get it? Follow the steps given below to get a push token.

Steps to get a Push Token

  1. Visit your HTTPS site on which you have subscribed for push notifications. In the case of an HTTP site, you must visit the actual HTTPS site under which you have subscribed.
  2. In the website window, Right Click -> Inspect -> Application -> Local Storage. Click on the domain that belongs to you. In the right pane, you will find the push token information under moe_push_storage or MOE_PUSH_TOKEN. Double-click on the value section of this data to copy it. The images below will show what that information looks like.token_in_storage.pngtoken_in_token.png
  3. Now that you have a push token, Kindly find the test campaign section while creating the campaign.
  4. Select Device push token under the drop-down, and paste the push token information you just copied.Screenshot_2022-09-08_at_5.14.25_PM.png
  5. Click the TEST CAMPAIGN button to target your browser with a push token.

If you cannot see a notification after following the given steps, please reach out to us at








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