Data Archival Policies

MoEngage saves all the needed data for campaign segmentation, personalization, and analytics. However, to optimize the time taken to send out campaigns and run segmentation queries, the data that is not required is automatically archived.

Segmentation and Campaign Management

MoEngage saves all the user data that you send to us in the form of events, users, and devices and has the below policies for archiving these data formats when they can no longer add any value to your MoEngage activities:

Type Archival Policy Reason
Events* By default, events are available for Segmentation for 60 days / 1 year depending on your subscription plan.
i.e. you can segment users if the event is done/not done in the last 60 days.
The event retention period is extendable on request, to multiple years
For a good number of businesses, user activity beyond 60 days provides minimal incremental value to their campaign performance. Companies can choose the Event Retention policy, based on their needs.
Users who are not identified AND are not reachable on either channel (push, email, or SMS) AND have been inactive for 60 days are archived automatically Saving unidentified, unreachable, and inactive users unnecessarily inflates your All User base and deteriorates your experience.
Users (Identified) Users who are identified with ID / Email_id / Mobile Number and haven't been active and haven't received any Push/Email/SMS campaign for the last 1 year are archived automatically This is customizable
Devices We archive devices that are not reachable via push notifications AND are inactive for 60 days Saving unreachable and inactive devices may increase your push campaign sending time marginally while providing no benefit in terms of outreach.


  1. The above archival policies are customizable on a use-case basis. Please reach out to your MoEngage Account Manager or raise a support ticket for more details.
  2. We can provide extended event retention time for specific events in case of valid use cases and you can always reach out to your Account Manager or raise a support ticket, if and when required.
  3. MoEngage allows ingestion of data beyond the data retention policy (DRP), But our Segmentation service will allow you to query the data only based on your DRP. Our Data Storage services delete data beyond DRP periodically.


We save all the data (users and events) for 1 or 2 years in MoEngage Analytics depending upon your subscription plan. We have longer retention periods for analytics as you may want to analyze your Behavioral trends, Funnels, and Retention over multiple months.

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