Suggest a Feature

MoEngage provides you with a feature request system built directly into the product dashboard where you can suggest a feature. This helps you to relay your ideas directly to the product and leadership team at MoEngage.

How Does This Help?

MoEngage values your suggestions and keeps you in the loop when we review or update your ideas or requests. It also allows you to:

  • Get timely feedback on requests from product decision-makers
  • Gain greater insight into upcoming releases
  • Increase your impact on feature development

Each month, the product team and stakeholders at MoEngage review the top 5-10 customer requests and respond to them personally. The ones that qualify will become part of our roadmap.

To get your requests into these prioritization meetings, provide all the required details on the Submit a request page.

Submit a Product Idea

Perform the following steps to suggest a feature or a product idea:

  1. On the MoEngage Dashboard, click the Need help option on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Submit product idea. You will be taken to the Feedback Portal.
  3. In the Submit a Request for MoEngage section, click Make a Suggestion. The Submit a request page is displayed.
  4. In the Title field, enter the title of your request.
  5. In the Detailed description field, enter the description of your request. You can mention about what you are trying to accomplish (your use cases).
  6. In the Current workaround & what problems you are facing field, enter your current workaround (if you have one) and current problems. You can provide any other details that will help build a case for why this is an important request to you. (This is optional.)
  7. In the Files field, click Upload Image to upload an image to support your idea.
  8. From the Product Area drop-down list, select a product area to which your idea is associated. For example, Email. (This is optional.)
  9. Click Submit request.

Feature Status

The following are the statuses you will see against every feature request that you have submitted.

Status Meaning
Awaiting Feedback This is where your request will go while we gauge demand from our other customers.
Planned This request is on our roadmap but we have not started on it yet.
Building This request is currently under development.
Released This request is complete. See the status message on how to use it.
Declined This request was not clear, already exists, or is not in alignment with where we are taking our product. See the status message for more information.

If you have any questions about this process, write to us at

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