January 2022

New Features

iOS 15 Adaptation

iOS 15 changes are implemented with the following:

  • Focus Mode
  • Notifications summary

For more information, refer to Notifications in iOS 15.

Best Time to Send 

MoEngage has introduced the 'Best Time to Send' capability that learns from your customer’s activity over time to identify the perfect timing to send your campaign. Our AI engine, Sherpa, also adapts to changing customer behavior and continuously updates the 'Best Time to Send'.

For more information, refer to Best Time to Send

Most Preferred Channel

With 'Most Preferred Channel' reach out to your customers through their preferred channel instead of sending communication across all touchpoints. Sherpa, our AI engine, looks at past engagement preferences and tags the information with the customer profile. This means you can easily re-group your customers based on their most receptive channels. Sharpen your campaign efficiency and engage with your customers at the right time.

For more information, refer to Most Preferred Channel

Content Blocks

MoEngage introduced Content blocks to allow marketers to reuse the same content across multiple campaigns. For example, a block might be a repeatedly used header, footer, or designed call-to-action button.

With content blocks, marketers can:

  • Create consistent campaigns using content blocks as headers, footers, or any other asset 

  • Create pre-defined assets that can be used across multiple campaigns irrespective of the channel and campaign type 

  • Edit multiple campaigns at the same time by simply updating the content block

For more information, refer to Content Blocks

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