A/B Split in Flows

A/B Split allows you to test up to 5 variations of flow paths to determine which is the best-performing option. You can experiment with different channels, different messages on the same channel, and different message frequencies across these flow paths. 

You can set up the experiment and after analyzing the performance of each branch on publishing the flow, change the user distribution in favor of the winning branch. This will enable the majority of the users entering the flow to go forward with the best-performing branch.


Opt for Intelligence

You can let MoEngage Flows automatically adjust the user attribution in favor of the best-performing branch as more and more users enter the flow. Read more about Intelligent Flow Path optimizer here

Test Setup

Add A/B Split at any part of your flow from the control category of flow stages.


  • Add the number of branches you want to experiment with. You can add up to 5 branches in one A/B split stage. 
  • Configure the user distribution split for each branch. The variation percentage can be anything between 0-100 for each branch. 
  • Make sure that sum of all the branch variation percentages is 100.  

Test Everything

You can use the A/B split at any stage in a flow and add up to 10 A/B splits in one flow.

Please make sure to add different display names of each branch to distinguish between the branches on canvas. 

Understanding the Performance

As users keep entering the flow, each branch's performance keeps updating on the canvas 


  • Email (50%) denotes the display name of the branch and the configured user distribution for the branch which is 50 in this example. 
  • 4 Done is the actual number of flow trips that have gone forward through this branch. 
  • Converted trips are the number of branch trips that resulted in at least one conversion. 75% is the Conversion rate for the branch in the example above.
  • The engagement score is a derived metric reflecting the engagement of the branch. Higher the number better the engagement. Read more about how the engagement score is calculated here

What is a branch?

  1. All the action stages from an A/B split node to the flow exit stage are included in the tracking of the branch's performance. 
  2. If the branch splits into multiple branches then all the resulting branches are considered part of the parent branch. 
  3. If a branch merges into another branch at some point then, the common flow path is considered a part of both the merging branches. 


When a user qualifies multiple times for a flow with A/B test, the branch within the A/B Split that the user enters is chosen randomly.

Finding a winner

To analyze and compare the performances of all the branches, you can check out the report for your Split node.

You can either click on the report option that appears on hovering over the stage on canvas or go to the split node stats section in the flow's detailed stats page and filter on a particular split node from the dropdown. 


After analyzing the branch performance, you can choose to edit the configured user distribution so that most of the users entering the flow next will go forward through the best-performing branch. 



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