How to Target Users by App Version

Using the App Version attribute, you can target your users on the current app version.

Creating a target segment for a specific app version

Assuming your latest App Version is 3.9, you would need to do the following:

      1. Go to the "Segment" page from the sidebar.

      2. On the Create Segment tab, select the filter for User Behavior.

      3. Select the condition “Has Executed” and the event “App/Site Opened.”

      4. Enter a duration using the drop-down options and text box.

      5. Enter a time period using the drop-down options and text box.

      6. Click “+ Attribute.”

      7. Select “App Version” as the Filter By Attribute.

      8. Enter a version number using the drop-down options and text box.

      9. Click “+ Create” to save the query as a custom segment or begin campaign creation.


Now that you have a custom segment created, you can send campaigns using it. For more information, refer to Create a Push Campaign, Create an SMS Campaign, and Create an Email Campaign.

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