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This is a Beta Feature. If you wish to try out the feature, reach out to

Only enabled for the North American region.



  1. SMS Keyword Management is not supported for multiple senders/connectors.
  2. We've revamped our dashboard settings. This article describes the steps to be followed to configure the Subscription and Keywords for the SMS channel in the revamped settings UI and the older UI. In the older UI, you can configure subscription management and keywords in the SUBSCRIPTION & KEYWORDS tab. In the revamped UI, you can manage subscriptions in the Subscription management tab and configure keywords in the Keyword management tab.


Users must consent to receive SMS as part of SMS regulatory compliance. For more information on SMS compliance, refer to SMS Regulations. The Subscription and Keywords features help you track the user's SMS Subscription Status using keywords. Keyword categories and auto-response messages can be added and configured using this setting. Keywords capture the user consent to subscribe (or receive) and unsubscribe (or not receive) SMS notifications. Keywords are used to get support or help with SMS alert subscriptions.

Subscription Management

Revamped UI Old UI

To enable Subscription Management:

  1. Turn on the opt-out users toggle.
  2. Select one of the following in Criteria for opting out users:
    1. Default - This option is selected by default when opt-out is enabled. When this option is selected, users who have Optin as the value in their SMS subscription status(user property) will be considered in the target audience for campaigns (users who have opted to receive communication from your brand will be targeted when campaigns get sent from MoEngage provided they qualify in the segmentation criteria for the campaigns).
    2. Custom- This option enables you to select the custom user attribute that stores the opt-in status of users. For example, let the user attribute that stores the Subscription status of users be custom_user_property. The value of this attribute or users who have opted out of receiving communication from your brand is Opt-out. Then, you can select this user attribute in the dropdown and set the value as custom_user_property is Opt-out, as shown in the following image, to exclude users whose value for this property is Opt-out from receiving your campaigns.


Keyword Management

You can configure keywords once your account has enabled Subscription Management.

Revamped UI Old UI

To configure the keywords for SMS:

  1. Turn on the Manage keyword-based responses toggle.
  2. Click +Create keyword category to add keywords and configure them.

The following options are available in the Add Keyword category pop-up.



Field Description
Keyword Category

Type or paste the keyword category name. The keyword category name can be up to 50 characters long.


Type or paste the keywords and press enter to add the keywords. For example, if the keyword category is Opt-In, the keywords can be: subscribe, start, resubscribe, enable, and so on.

Note: You can add only 20 keywords for a particular keyword category.

Autoresponse message

Type or paste the SMS message received by the user. For example, the message for resubscribing can be as follows:
You have successfully re-subscribed for receiving messages from this number. Reply HELP for more info. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Note: The message can contain only 200 characters.

Click Save to save the keywords and keyword category.



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