User imports - Revamp Summary

This article highlights the changes in the revamped user imports.

Summary of Changes

Step Changes
Step 1 - Upload Users
  1. Enhanced look and feel (Core functionality remains the same)
  2. New option to preview uploaded files
Step 2 - Mapping CSV Columns to User Attributes
  1. Enhanced mapping experience
  2. Configuring email alerts
Step 3 - Scheduling Imports
  1. New option to schedule user imports at the desired date and time

The changes in each of the steps have explained in the following sections.

Changes in Step 1

Revamped UI to facilitate an enhanced user experience

Current UI Revamped UI


Previewing Uploaded Files

You can preview uploaded files in the revamped UI in the File Preview section, as shown in the following image. Previewing the file allows you to view the first five rows of the CSV. This is a mandatory step and helps you validate the file uploaded into MoEngage before mapping in the next step.


Changes in Step 2

Enhanced Mapping table

In the current version, the UI for mapping the columns to attributes is in a tabular format, while in the new version fields are lined in rows instead of the table thus making mapping easier. The row-wise mapping helps in having a single view of all the fields mapped and eases navigation across columns.

Current UI Revamped UI


Configuring ID

In the current version, ID is configured in the has also changed. In the revamped version, the ID can be mapped in the Required mapping section which is located above the Map columns section (please refer to the UI below).


Upload Mapping File

The revamped version will have the option to upload the mapping file in JSON format which maps the column with the attribute. MoEngage will identify fields not present in the mapping file which then needs to be mapped manually.


Customizing Email Alerts

You can now configure the email alerts that go out when the User import fails or successfully uploads the CSV file. Email alerts can be configured to be sent to 10 recipients maximum.


Addition of Step 3

You can schedule your imports in step 3, as shown in the following image. The following options are available:

  • As soon as possible
  • Schedule the import at a specific date and time


Support for Array Attributes

You can upload array attributes while importing data.

Guidelines to import array attributes

  1. MoEngage supports simple arrays. Nested and associative arrays are not supported.
  2. The supported delimiter in the CSV is ‘|’ 
  3. Datatypes supported are Array Double (numeric), and Array String. These datatypes will be available in the datatype dropdown under Mapping column to attribute in Step 2.ArraySupport.png
  4. All the elements in the array have to be homogenous (all the elements will be either double or all string ). If they are not homogenous, MoEngage will try to typecast (transform) the element and then store the data.

    Example of an array in a CSV field: [1|2|3]ArraySupport_CSV.png

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