Using Custom Fonts in In-apps

You can add custom fonts to your In-app messages in In-app Nativ Version 3. You can use the same fonts as those used in your app with custom fonts.



Custom Fonts are supported only from Android SDK Versions -> 10.0.0 and iOS SDK Versions -> 6.0.0.

Adding Custom Fonts to your In-app Messages

To add custom fonts to your in-app messaging campaigns:

      1. Go to step-2 of campaign creation.
      2. Select the Custom font checkbox.
      3. Enter the name of the custom font in the textbox below the Custom font checkbox.


      4. Ensure that the font name specified is available in your app bundle by doing the following:

          • Android: Place the font file In-App bundle inside the font folder (res/font/). For more information, refer to Adding a font in Android
          • iOS: Bundle the font file in the App. For more information, refer to Adding fonts in iPhone and iPad.
      5. Leave the textbox empty if you do not want to apply custom fonts for your in-app messages. Also, please note that the custom fonts won't be applied to the message preview you see on the dashboard.
      6. Use the Test Campaign functionality to check the look and feel of your in-app messages with the custom fonts. For more information, refer to In-App NATIV Version 3.

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