Facebook Audience Settings on MoEngage dashboard

This article will help you with the one-time configuration required for Facebook. 

This step is required so that we can create a connection between MoEngage and your Facebook account. Before you proceed with the settings, make sure you have the App & Ad account ready as per the required configurations explained in the document Facebook setup for custom audience integration.



  • This is just a one-time setup and you won't be required to do this step again unless the app secret or user token becomes invalid
  • The FB settings can be added/modified by the user who has Admin access to the MoEngage dashboard. Check this doc to understand more about the access roles.

Once you are all set, fetch the following fields as explained below:


1. App ID:

2. App secret:

  • In your FB app dashboard, go to Settings > Basic
  • Under App secret, click Show. 
  • If prompted, enter the password and you will get your App secret.

3. Access token:

  • Go to your FB app dashboard and select the app you want to sync with MoEngage. 
  • Go to Marketing API > Tools > Get Access Token
  • Select ads_management & ads_read permissions
  • Click Get Token button
  • Alternatively, you can obtain access token from the FB's Graph API explorer as explained here



4. Business ID (Optional):

This field is required only if the user whose access token is used here has access to multiple FB business accounts and want to sync with only 1 particular business account. To retrieve it, go to FB business info page


After entering all the fields, click Connect to Facebook button.

On successful connection, we will fetch list of all Ad Accounts associated with the logged in user. You can select one as default. 


In case you wish to change these settings at a later point of time because the logged-in user doesn't have access to your FB business account any longer or for any other reasons, click Disconnect Facebook. Add the fields again and click Connect to FB. 



  • We need these fields to fetch all the Ad accounts from your account. We would also need the access token every time when the campaign will run where we would need to make an API call to the FB.
  • The access token you have entered above is a short lived access token. Its valid only for a few hours. Once you provide this access token to us, we convert it into a long lived access token and store it our end and will also extend the token at our end
  • The long lived access token has longer expiration time, such as 60 days or Never. We will periodically check for token validity and if token is about to expire within next than 7 days, we will extend the token validity. To retrieve an extended token, app id & app secret are required.
  • If the user token or app secret is no longer valid, then we will notify you to update the fields in settings page. 

Once you are connected to Facebook, you can get started with FB Audience campaign creation explained in this article.

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