Common Errors in WhatsApp Campaigns

WhatsApp Message sending and delivery can fail for various reasons, some of them being invalid templates or outdated user opt-in statuses at the Gupshup end, and so on. Here are the most frequently occurring errors and their reasons:

Internal Errors

There are a few errors that are generated by our internal system while sending WhatsApp Messages:

Error Description
Personalization Failed Occurs when Message Personalization fails and No Fallback message is set. The system will not send the message to the user and will generate the Personalization Failed error.
Invalid Mobile Number Occurs when the Mobile number field is Empty, None, N/A, undefined, null, or 0 OR contains any Unicode character OR Length is less than 4 OR mobile number is not convertible to E.164 format
Users removed due to Global Control Group Occurs when the user is part of the Global Control group, and hence MoEngage didn't send any message to the user.
Rejected because of DND Occurs when the user qualifies for an event-triggered message during the configured DND hours. MoEngage wouldn't send the message to the user in such a case.
Not sent due to campaign level min delay Occurs when the user qualifies for two messages or messages from the same campaign, but the message is not sent because of minimum delay settings in the campaign.

BSP/WSP Errors

Messages may fail to be delivered because of the errors recognized by the WhatsApp Service Provider as soon as MoEngage hands over a WhatsApp Message to WSP to deliver to the end-user. 

Below is the list of errors (Please note that the list is not exhaustive. Please reach out to the vendor's Account Manager if you see exceptions and need more information).

For Infobip, please take a look at the documentation here.


Error Message Description Resolution
Message does not match WhatsApp HSM template Problem with template data. Either the parameters sent in the template are not expected, or the template you have added on MoEngage doesn't match what was approved on the Vendor end. Check and update the template in MoEngage with the approved template in the vendor's portal.
Authentication failed due to invalid userId or password Occurs when you have added an invalid user id or password while adding Gupshup sender on MoEngage. Reach out to the Gupshup team to validate the same.

Check the User ID and Password provided for adding the sender. 


Note: Always add the User ID for your WABA configuration (not the Gupshup portal login details). User ID typically is in a 2xxxxxxxxx pattern.

UNKNOWN_SUBSCRIBER: Unknown/invalid number/does not exist on WhatsApp or Phone number not subscribed Occurs when the user's number saved on MoEngage is not a WhatsApp Number.

Check if the mobile number is valid and if the mobile number exists on WhatsApp. 


To exclude such users from future campaigns, update the OPTIN status to False in MoEngage platform.

The method "SENDMESSAGE" is not supported Occurs when your WhatsApp Phone number is saved with MoEngage as Sender is not a valid number. Reach out to the Gupshup team for more details. Check the sender number i.e, WABA business number. If it's the same, reach out to your vendor.
The "INTERNATIONAL_PHONE" service is disabled for you. Kindly get the service enabled before using this action This occurs if you are trying to send to an international number and the service is not enabled for your WhatsApp Business Number. Reach out to Gupshup to get the international service enabled. Please contact your vendor to enable international service for your account.
Message length exceeded. The Max limit for type TEMPLATE is 1024. The length of the body text has exceeded the prescribed limit of 1024 characters. Reduce the body text to less than 1024 characters.
WhatsApp connector API generic failure This occurs if you didn't add the valid URL in Infobip's WhatsApp sender details Check for the Infobip URL to start with https:// prefix.
Generic Error from Gupshup This error is displayed when the exact error details are not shared by the vendor.  Please contact your vendor to check the exact error.
Invalid credentials This error is displayed when the authentication details are not valid. Recheck the authentication details and if issue still persists, please contact your vendor
Invalid phone number Occurs when the user's number saved on MoEngage is not a valid mobile number or not a valid WhatsApp number

Check if the mobile number is valid and if the mobile number exists on WhatsApp. 



For errors on WhatsApp Service Provider(WSP), we recommend contacting your WSP in case you need more help and guidance.


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