Item Attribute Model


The Item Attributes recommendation model allows you to create rule-based recommendations by applying catalog item attribute filters. This allows you to customize recommendations based on your marketing goals, whether promoting specific items or providing personalized suggestions based on user profiles.

Generic Rules

Generic rules use item attributes and are not personalized. They promote new arrivals, seasonal items, and specific brand or category promotions to a wide range of users. By leveraging item attributes, businesses align recommendations with marketing objectives and increase visibility.

Example Use Cases

  • Reveal the 'New arrivals' section.
  • Inspire with your branded collection.
  • Celebrate with our festive picks.

Targeted Rules

Targeted rules filter item attributes based on user profiles to deliver tailored suggestions aligned with each user's characteristics. This ensures relevant recommendations suitable for specific user profiles.

Example Use Cases

  • Recommend ideal jobs matched to users' skills.
  • Locate the local restaurants near your customers.

Creating Item Attribute Recommendations

  1. Go to Content > Recommendations from the left navigation. The Recommendations page is displayed.
  2. Click Create recommendation. The Create recommendation page is displayed.
  3. Select the Item attributes model and click Next.
  4. In the Recommendation name field, enter a name for the recommendation.

  5. In the Recommendation description field, enter a description for the recommendation.

  6. In the Catalog drop-down list, select the relevant catalog from which you wish to retrieve these recommendations.
  7. Now, you can set up either generic rules or targeted rules.
    • To create a generic rule, choose the relevant item attribute in the Item where drop-down list and choose the Custom Value option.
    • To create a targeted rule, choose the relevant item attribute in the Item where drop-down list and select the User Property option.
      Note: Ensure that the defined item attribute(s) and user attribute(s) carry a similar type of information.
    • You can also create a combination of generic and targeted rules.
  8. In the Sort the filtered items section, sort the recommendation results by any numeric attribute. For example, price.
  9. Click Save. The recommendations listing is created with an 'Active' state on the recommendations listing page.
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