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Most Preferred Channel (MPC) is a user-level parameter that denotes the channel that the users respond to from the available channels such as email, push notifications, and SMS. Instead of using multiple channels to send the same message, marketers can engage customers on the channel of their choice to get maximum engagement.


Using MPC, marketers achieve the following business benefits:

Improve overall click rates and conversions

By sending a communication to users on their most preferred channel, marketers potentially get:

  • Higher impressions
  • Higher clicks since there is a high chance that users will view the corresponding content resulting in overall higher conversions.

Optimize marketing spend through customer interactions

Based on user propensity, you can target users who are in dire need of attention with greater frequency and personalization. Optimize marketing spend by reducing unnecessary campaigns and creating a focused outreach plan with optimized frequency.

Create targeted campaigns with greater precision and accuracy

Target customers with personalized campaigns. Identify channels that work for the users and target users based on their propensity, respond on those channels, or select campaigns. Furthermore, optimize communications based on the available data.

How is Most Preferred Channel derived?

The engagement of a user is defined both in terms of frequency and depth. For example, the number of times an email was opened against the number of times an email was clicked. MPC considers the following:

  • All outbound engagement with the users in the last two months.
  • Automatically provide engagement of a user with each channel by considering the frequency and overall count
  • The algorithm automatically adds more weightage to the more recent engagements against previous engagements.
  • MPC is defined and periodically updated for each user.

MPC Result

The Most Preferred Channel for each user is viewed in the user profile as described:


How to Use MPC in Campaigns?

Follow these steps to create and send campaigns on the most preferred channel.

MPC in Custom Segments

MPC is available on the Segmentation page under the User Property filter.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Segmentation > Create Segment.
  2. Click Filter users by.
  3. Click User Property.
  4. From the drop-down, select Most Preferred Channel.

  5. Select the channel to filter and save the results as a custom filter.
    After completion, the segment is saved as a custom segment and is used in campaigns.

MPC Segments in Campaigns

  1. Create the Push Campaign
  2. In the Target Audience, select Custom Segment and select the MPC segment created in the MPC in custom segments.

The push campaign is delivered to only the users in the custom segment. Push becomes the most preferred campaign and ensures the change in user engagement is higher.



Similarly, create and save the custom segments with MPC for Email and SMS in the MoEngage. Create campaigns with the custom segment filter to ensure campaigns are delivered to the users on the preferred channel.






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