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Notification Action Buttons enable your Push Notification to have up to three Call To Actions (CTA) - one for the default notification clicks and two for the notification actions.

Marketers can drive users to take specific actions without opening the app and make immediate decisions. The image below is a snapshot of the Android Message preview configured with Share and Call Actions, where marketers can drive their customers to take these two actions directly from the notification panel.


To use these actions, you need to check two things:

  1. Your Notification display is being handled by MoEngage SDK.
  2. Your app is using a suitable SDK version. If not, upgrade that to the latest SDK version.

Support for Notification actions is as described:

Platform OS Support SDK Support Remarks
Android Android 4.1 (API 16) and above SDK Version 6.0.02 and above. Snooze & Remind Later buttons got improved in 6.0.25 Check about our latest SDK
iOS** iOS 8 and above SDK Version 2.2 and above Check about our latest SDK
Windows Not supported Not supported  
Web Chrome (48+) Coming Soon  

Actions supported currently for Android

Action Description Configure
Navigate to a Screen To take the user to a certain navigation screen Screen Name
Deep-link to URI To take the user to a deep-linked URI Deep-link URI
Rich Landing Page To take the user to a rich landing page
(Web View in App)
Rich Landing URL
Call To call a number from Notification directly Phone Number
Copy To Copy a text to Clipboard (e.g.Coupon Code) Text to be copied
Share To let users share the notification directly Text to be shared
Snooze To hide the notification for X hours Hours for Snoozing
Remind me later To remind the user in some time by setting an alarm on Notification Remind intervals
Track an event To track an event generated on Click Action Event to be tracked
Set attribute To set any user attribute on basis of a user action Attribute Key-Value
Custom Native Actions To do app functions directly from the notification Raw text to be passed to Client App

How to use the Actions

Go to Step 2: Messaging, and after configuring your message, click on Actions Tab.


In Android, you will see:

Default Action: This is the default action of your notification. You can decide where you would want to take your user by clicking this notification.

Action Button 1: You can configure your button name, and the action that you want to be done using this button

Action Button 2: You can configure your button name, and the action that you want to be done using this button.

You can perform these actions with our Notification Actions:

1) Call (for Android only): You can let your user directly call customer care, seller, restaurant, driver anyone directly from the notification.


2) Copy (for Android only): You can allow your customer to copy the intended text with this action. Once the user clicks on Copy, the text will be copied to her clipboard. Can be used to send OTPs, Coupon Codes, and so on.


3) Share (for Android only): You can allow your customer to share the intended text with this action. Once the user clicks on Share, the share dialogue will open allowing the user to share the message on various platforms.

4)Snooze  (for Android only): You can allow your customer to snooze the notification for a certain number of hours. Configuration value of 5 hours will allow the customer to snooze his notification for 5 hours from the click on the Snooze button.


5)Remind Later(for Android only): You can allow your customer to remind him/her of that notification as per the choice made by him. Here you can configure two reminder instances:

  • Remind Today in X hours - Sets reminder for X hours from the time of click for the same day. e.g. If the time of click is 2:00 pm, Remind today in 4 hours will set a reminder at 6:00 pm the same day.
  • Remind Tomorrow at X hours - Set reminder for next day to day of click at time X hours. For example, if the time of click is 2:00 pm, Remind tomorrow at 4 hours will set a reminder at 10:00 am for the next day. 


6) Track Event (for Android only): To track an event generated on Click Action. The user should put the name with which he/she wants to track the event as well as its Attribute value.


7) Set Attribute (for Android only): You can use this to set any user attribute on basis of user action. Just choose the existing attribute from the User Attribute dropdown or create a new one and configure the value that you want to set on the button click.


8) Custom Action (for Android only): Helps perform the app functions like Add to Cart or Play a song etc. directly from the notification. Check here on how to integrate them into your apps.

* Action Button Icons:

Action Button icons are not supported since Android Nougat. For versions prior to Android Nougat, you can add the required icons in appropriate shape and size in your app bundle so that you can then use those custom icons for notification buttons. You can maintain uniformity with Custom Icons as they will just be dependent on App Version.
You can use icons from your own app bundle or other system icons. Just ensure that they are present in your drawable folder. If the entered name is wrong or the icon is not found, the icon won't be shown.  

Note for iOS

Regarding the supported actions, the app developer has to himself define the categories (and corresponding actions) in the app itself and provide the list of categories to SDK. Our SDK will use the categories supported across the app versions to reference those categories and map actions. They are not configurable on the go by the marketer but are to be developed and released by the app developers. Check out more about it here.

Click Performance for Notification Actions

Once you have created and sent your campaign, you can also track the click performance of these notification actions.

  1. Go to the All campaigns page and click the campaign created by you.
  2. On the analytics page, select the platform and you can see the platform-wise click performance of your notification actions.

You should be able to see Click Performance as in the below sample snapshot. It reports the total number of clicks against every action along with the click share of each action, which is the percentage of clicks on specific action with respect to total clicks.


iOS 15 Notification Changes

For more information, refer to Notifications in iOS 15.0.

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