August 2020

New Features


Glad to introduce MoEngage Streams to Marketers and Developers!

MoEngage Streams allow you to stream MoEngage data, on a real-time basis, to any 3rd Party systems like your CDP (Segment or m-particle), Data Lake, Data Warehouse, or simply an API endpoint.

With Streams, forwarding data is as simple as configuring your API endpoint and visualizing the data flow into your system.

For information, refer to MoEngage Streams.

Partner Integrations

Data Integration for Sendgrid

You can now forward the email delivery and engagement events from Sendgrid to MoEngage if Sendgrid is used for sending emails. For example, if you are sending transactional emails.

For more information, refer to Sendgrid Data Integration.

Data Integration for Sinch

You can now forward the SMS delivery receipts from Sinch to MoEngage if Sinch is used for sending SMS. For example, if you are sending OTP alerts or transactional updates.

For more information, refer to Sinch Data Integration.


2-Step Verification

MoEngage Account now supports login based on 2-step verification. 2-step verification offers stronger security for your MoEngage Account. It will allow you to protect your account with both Password and Phone-based authentication codes.

For more information, refer to 2-Step Verification.

Push Notifications

Released on: 31 August 2020

Huawei Messaging Service(HMS) is now supported for Push Amp+.

HMS core is an alternative to Google Play Services on Android. Huawei has recently launched a new series of devices that do not support Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Huawei will launch many more devices without FCM support. To ensure the smooth functioning of these devices, there is Huawei messaging service support. 

HMS helps to increase notification deliverability, and improve reach, and engagement with end-users.

Feature Enhancements


You can now send a smart trigger email campaign immediately as soon as the primary trigger event is received.

For more information, refer to Campaign with Only IF Condition can be sent immediately.

Segment Analysis

Users Reachable via Push Notifications

Released on: 27 August 2020

Now when you run any query on Create Segment page, you can understand how many users are reachable via Push Notification. Marketers can see the reachable user count for push notifications across all platforms as well as individually for supported platforms. Reachability count is available for all queries created on the Create Segment page.


For more information, refer to Recent Queries and Understanding Reachability.



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