We've revamped our Delivery Control Settings. You can configure the frequency capping, DND, minimum delay, and throttling for all supported channels in the following navigation: Settings -> Channels -> Delivery Controls.

Throttling allows you to control the rate at which communications (push notifications//emails/SMS messages/WhatsApp messages/Webhook messages) are sent to users. This is helpful when you want to spread the load on your servers over a period of time instead of spiking the traffic. You can define the number of notifications or messages that can be sent per minute (requests per minute) for the following channels on the MoEngage Dashboard: Push, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Connectors.

Configure and Setup Throttling

To enable Throttling, go to the following navigation in the MoEngage Dashboard and set the throttling limit per minute to the desired number to control the communication being sent out.

Settings -> Channels -> Delivery Controls -> Throttling

To enable throttling for a channel:

      1. Turn the channel toggle on.
      2. Set the throttling limit to the desired RPM. The throttling value cannot be lower than the minimum limit specified for the channel, nor can it be greater than the maximum limit specified for the channel. The minimum, maximum, and default rates are displayed on the Dashboard below each channel's setting.
      3. Click Save.


Throttling at the Campaign level

In addition to the global settings for throttling(the configuration discussed above), you can choose to set different throttling settings for individual campaigns if the option for throttling is available in step 3 of campaign creation. For example, throttling is available for One Time and Periodic Push/Email/SMS/WhatsApp/Connector Campaigns, and you can use the same to send specific campaigns at a faster or slower pace.

Campaigns have the Throttling option under Delivery Controls in the third step of campaign creation, as shown in the image below.

Push SMS Email Whatsapp Connector


If you are on the older UI, refer to Push Throttling (older UI) for more information about throttling.

The default setting for throttling at the campaign level will be populated from the global settings. 

For example:

If Push/SMS/Email/WhatsApp/Connector Throttling is ON in the Global Settings - The same throttling value will be shown as default in the Campaign Throttle setting in the third step of campaign creation.

If Push/SMS/Email/WhatsApp/Connector Throttling is OFF in the Global Settings - The Campaign Throttle setting will have the default throttle value for the channel. Refer to the table below for the minimum, default, and maximum throttling values for all the channels.

Channel Default Throttling Value Minimum Throttling Value Maximum Throttling Value
Push 100000 Push notifications/minute 1000 Push notifications/minute 250000 Push notifications/minute
SMS 60000 SMS messages/minute 60000 SMS messages/minute 200000 SMS messages/minute
Email 60000 Emails/minute 1000 Emails/minute 200000 Emails/minute
WhatsApp 60000 Whatsapp messages/minute 60000 Whatsapp messages/minute 200000 Whatsapp messages/minute
Webhook (Connector) 60000 Webhook requests/minute 60000 Webhook requests/minute 200000 Webhook requests/minute

Whether global throttling is On/Off, you can change the throttle speed while configuring a campaign and set different options for different campaigns. If the values are different in Global Throttling Settings and Campaign Throttling, campaign-level throttling will be given priority and will be applied.


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