August 2021

New Features

Array Filters

Filter segments based on the Array Filters. Array Filters support numeric and string values.

For example - if are selling apple, mango, and orange, you can use the Array Filters to filter for only mango by applying the filter any of or all of.

For more information, refer to Filters in Segmentation.


HTML templates are available for all the In-App campaigns. You can:

  • Create pop-ups in the In-App messages.

  • Use custom HTML templates for In-App messages.

  • Use audio, video, images, animated images, user input, survey, and carousel campaigns.


For more information, refer to HTML templates for In-App campaigns.

Personalized Previews for SMS, Email, and Push campaigns

You can now preview the campaign with the personalization before sending it. Simply select a user and play around with all the personalization attributes used in the campaign.

Personalized previews support all types of personalization - user attributes, event attributes, product sets, and content APIs.


For more information, refer to Personalized Previews.


Conversion Goal is optional in SMS and Emails

We have made the Conversion Goal optional in SMS and Emails based on feedback received. Conversion Goal was made optional earlier in the Push Campaign.

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