December 2023


Linked Conditions in Flows and Event Triggered Campaigns

Marketers face issues in identifying high-intent users and configuring the right filter conditions to identify them. Linked conditions help marketers overcome this by personalizing the conditioning logic. For example, with this feature, marketers can send discount campaigns only to users who have shown a keen interest in purchasing a product but have yet to do so. Linked Conditions are available in Flows, Push, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Connectors. For more information, refer to Linked Conditions.


Reply to personalization in Emails

When a customer, lead, or prospect replies to your email, the reply-to email address should be directed to the relationship manager or personnel handling them rather than to a static or generic email address. This feature helps you select the user attribute that stores the email address of the relationship manager for the customer in the personalization editor and lets you personalize the reply-to email address for your email campaign. For more information, refer to Personalization in Emails.

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