Manage Access Permissions

MoEngage now enables multiple team members to be added to the same account. There are five Access roles (Admin, Manager, Marketer, Developer & Analyst) with different permissions.

For more information about different access role permissions, refer to Access Roles

To add members and manage their permissions,

  1. Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Settings and click Team Management
  2. Click on the three dots next to the Access Role as described.EditRole.png
  3. You can manage permissions as follows:
  • (Role Change) - Click on this icon, select a new role from the drop-down and click Done to save the changed role.
  • ReokeAccessfromTeam.png(Revoke Access) - Click on this icon to revoke the account access from this member.
  • (Grant Access) - For a member with revoked access, click on this icon to grant access again. 
  • RemoveFromTeam.png (Remove from Team) - Click on this icon to remove the team member from the team.

In case a member has not been invited to an environment, you will see "Member not invited yet" under that environment for the member. You can change access to the team member only in the relevant environment.

In case you face any issues with managing your team members and their permissions, on the top navigation bar click on Need Help > Support or contact


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