SMS or Short Message Service allows brands to send text messages to users. SMS is one of the most prevalent channels used to communicate using mobile devices. 

More than 80% of the total population that is more than 290 million people in North America use text messages. More the number of mobile devices and telecommunication providers, more the number of global users using SMS to communicate with organizations.

SMS is a unique channel that allows brands to reach customers on their personal phone numbers without data consumption. SMS can be used for sending both transactional and promotional messages. Authentication messages, order confirmations, messages that provide shipping-related information, and so on are transactional and messages that convey information about offers, new product launches, and flash sales are promotional messages.

Millions of text messages are sent through MoEngage every day. Refer to the sections below for information about all the entities involved in sending/receiving an SMS, guidelines for brands to choose a phone number, the regulations and best practices in SMS marketing, and other compliance-related details.



SMS Partners

MoEngage natively integrates with connectors such as Twilio, ICS, Sinch, and many other SMS providers. For more information, refer to the SMS partners of MoEngage.

Next Steps

Click on the links below to configure, create and analyze SMS Campaigns.











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