Configure SMS General Settings

Navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Channel -> SMS & Connector -> SMS General Settings

The following options are available:

Field Description
SMS Subscription Management (Beta Feature)

When you enable the toggle, SMS Subscription Management is enabled.

Prerequisites for SMS Subscription Management

      • The standard user attribute SMS Subscription Status must be updated for all the users before enabling the toggle.
      • If the SMS Subscription Preference is already being tracked in a custom user attribute, the status data for all the users needs to be migrated to the standard user attribute before enabling the toggle.
      • For the keyword replies to be tracked from the user, the mobile numbers of the end users should be tracked in the Mobile Number (Standard) user attribute.

For more information, refer to SMS Subscription Management.

Current Provider

Select the SMS provider from the drop-down. All SMSes will be sent using the selected SMS provider. For more information, refer to SMS Partners of MoEngage.

User Attribute that stores user’s mobile numbers

Select the standard attribute for the mobile number. The standard attribute name for the mobile number attribute is Mobile Number (Standard) in MoEngage. This is a standard attribute where MoEngage provides the name, and you provide the value.

Preference Management (Beta Feature)

When the Subscription Management toggle is enabled, the configured preference management settings for SMS are overwritten. When the Subscription Management toggle is disabled, the preference management settings are set to 'Mobile Number(Standard) exists'.

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