Do Not Disturb for Smart Trigger SMS

A Smart Trigger SMS or Connector campaign is sent when a user does (or does not do) a defined action in a defined time (for example, "Added a product to cart" but "Not Purchased" in 2 hours). It is possible that some of these SMS or Connector notifications are triggered at odd hours (for example, if the user added a product at 10:00 pm, the corresponding message will be sent at midnight). DND feature allows you to configure idle hours during which your customers should not receive smart trigger SMS/ Connector notifications.

Setup DND

You can set up Do Not Disturb (DND) time interval in the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard -> Settings -> SMS & Connector Settings 

Step 2: In the FC & DND tab, click the Do Not Disturb (DND) toggle button and enter the time interval for which you wish to not send the triggered SMS/Connector notifications. 

Note that the DND time intervals are applicable for end-user based on their respective time zone (fetched from the device). In case, device timezone data is not available DND will be applicable according to app timezone. You can find the app timezone from Settings (sidebar) ->App Settings (under Account Settings). In a rare case, where the App timezone is not available as well, DND will be applicable as per GMT. 


You can configure the following save and send options:

For the messages generated during the DND period
Save and send the SMS after the DND period is completed or discard and do not send the message.
Save and Send Criteria
Select one of the following:
Send all the message available in the queue.
Send only one message from each of the create campaigns.
Send only one message from all of the SMS or Connector camapign.
Order in which queued messages should be sent
Send the most recent message in the queue (Last in First out) or send the first message recieved in the queue (First in First Out).

DND Settings are applicable to the campaigns created inside a MoEngage Flow as well. For more information, refer to Flows Frequency Capping.

For more information, refer to SMS Frequency Capping.

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