MoEngage Predictions help predict the actions users are going to perform in the next few days. For example, the feature can be used for predicting users who are going to make a purchase, uninstall the app, or become dormant. This information is useful for the growth of your product or service, and you can perform necessary and required actions based on it.

Capabilities of Predictions

With MoEngage Predictions, you can: 

      • Predict users who are going to convert, uninstall, or become dormant. Predict a specific action - for example, predict users who are going to purchase from the category fashion, predict users who are going to uninstall from the Android platform, and so on.
      • Predict users who are going to perform a custom action.
      • Create a campaign for the predicted users with few clicks.

Out-of-the-box Predictions

MoEngage provides three out-of-the-box predictions:

      1. Conversion Prediction - In the next 7 days, the user executes the Conversion Event
        (The conversion event is taken from the general settings.)
      2. Uninstall Prediction - In the next 7 days, the user executes Device Uninstall.
      3. Dormancy Prediction - In the next 7 days, the user does not execute App/Site Opened.

You can also create custom predictions based on the actions a user performs.

With MoEngage prediction, you can have five live predictions at any time. You can archive an older prediction and create new predictions as well.

Sherpa, the machine learning module of MoEngage, uses all available data points and generates a propensity score of performing/not performing an action for each user. You can choose the propensity category (High, Medium, Low) and target users accordingly.

MoEngage prediction updates the propensity category for all users with a frequency of your choice.  You can then reach out to the user right before they uninstall or become dormant or do any purchase.



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