Using Locales in In-App Messages

You can send In-App messages in multiple languages using locales. You can add up to 256 locales for your account and 11 locales for your campaign (one of the eleven locales would be the default locale). For more information about adding locales to an account, refer to Localize campaign message.

Adding New locales

To add a new locale, do the following:

      1. In the second step of content creation of the In-App campaign, click LocaleButton.png.
      2. The Locale Selector dropdown opens up. Click +New locale.
      3. The Add new locale pop-up opens up with the following options:

        Field Description
        Locale name Type or paste the name of the locale you want to add to the MoEngage database.
        User property Select the desired user property from the attribute drop-down.

        Click +Filter and provide the filter value to create the locale. For more information, refer to Create Segments.

        Exclude users

        Click Exclude Users to exclude the users from the campaign. For more information, refer to Preference Management.

      4. Click Add to add the new locale to the MoEngage database.
        Click Cancel to the addition of the new locale.


Note: This will add the locale created to the list of locales available in the dropdown and not to the campaign. To add locales to your campaign, follow the steps mentioned below.

Adding Locales to Campaign

To add locales to an In-App campaign, do the following:

      1. In the second step of campaign creation, click LocaleButton.png
      2. Select the locales you wish to add to the In-App Campaign in the locale selector dropdown that opens up.
      3. Click Add. The Choose content for new added locales window is displayed. You can choose to have different content for the different locales added or copy from the default locale, as you require.
      4. Choose one of the following in the drop-down Choose locale content from:
        • Create new content
          This option will add the locale to your campaign and let you create its content.
        • Copy from locale Default
          This option will add the locale and copy the content of the default locale to it.
      5. Click Done to add the new locale to the campaign.
        Click Cancel to not include the locale for the campaign.


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