Preference Management

What is Preference Management?

Preference Management allows you to automatically exclude specific users from the campaigns.

When should you use preference management?

  1. You do not want to send any campaigns (ST, Flows, General Campaigns) to the users who have opted out of the Push/SMS.
  2. You want to automatically block all push notifications / SMS for users when they have requested to block push notifications by invoking one of the rights under GDPR
  3. You want to blacklist a segment of users from all types of communications (Push, SMS, email, in-apps) during certain situations like natural calamities in specific regions.

The default behaviour of the campaigns would be to exclude the users selected in the preferences. But, you still have the flexibility to override these preferences while creating a campaign.

How to set preferences?

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Preference Management  PrefernceManagement.png
  2. Select the channel of your interest
  3. Select a specific user attribute as the preference for the channel. For example, suppose you want to exclude “opted out users”, select your user attribute. Screenshot_2020-01-21_at_10.45.39_AM.png
  4. Click “show count” to check the user count for the selected users.
  5. Click save to save your preferences.
  6. Confirm preferences. The preferences will be saved for all upcoming, scheduled and periodic campaigns. Screenshot_2020-01-21_at_10.46.25_AM.png

Under the GDPR compliance, by default MoEngage does not send emails to Blocked, Unsubscribe and complaints.

Override preferences while creating a campaign

You can still include the opted-out users while creating a campaign. This generally useful for any transactional message.

For SMS/Push - 

On the campaign creation screen, select the option “Send campaign to the users excluded in preferences” Screenshot_2020-01-21_at_10.47.17_AM.png

For Flows-

  1. Go to flows settings
  2. For push select “Send campaigns to the users excluded in SMS preferences” and
  3. For SMS select “Send campaigns to the users excluded in Push preferences”


To enable this feature reach out to us directly from your MoEngage Dashboard -> Need Help? -> Contact Support or send an email to

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