April 2023

Web Push in iOS

With the release of iOS 16.4, Safari 16, and MacOS 13, Apple has enabled push notifications for Safari via standardized methods and added support for Web Push notifications on iOS for Safari PWAs and added websites. With this release, we have added support for the following:

      • Safari push notifications for iPadOS and iOS for websites added to the home screen and PWAs
      • Microsoft Edge push notifications for Windows and Android

For more information, refer to Web Push for iOS and MoEngage's Browser Compatibility Matrix.


Sender Name Personalization

You can use personalized sender names for every user in the campaign to showcase that a dedicated representative or an agent sent the email. For more information, refer to Sender Name Personalization.

Preview Text

Preview Text improves open rates and adds more context to the subject line. You can add Preview Text on the dashboard just like a subject line instead of fiddling with the HTML code, and we will automatically append the desired text in the HTML code for it to be picked up as preview text by the email clients. For more information, refer to Preview Text in Emails.


Support for array-type attributes in the event filters

You can filter events in Behaviour, Funnels & Retention using array type attributes like campaign tags, cart items, and so on. For more information, refer to 

Consolidated Campaign Stats Dashboard in the App Timezone.

The Consolidated Campaign Stats Dashboard (CCSD) comprehensively views clients' campaign analytics. We have standardized the reporting metrics in the app time zone for this dashboard across the Analytics suite. For more information, refer to CCSD in App Timezone.

Universal User Merging in Analytics

MoEngage now supports universal user merging in the analytics suite. User merging is the process of merging unidentified (anonymous) users with identified (registered) users. User merging provides accurate search results; thus, segments created using actionable analytics have a higher percentage of reachable users.

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