Configure Web Push Settings

Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard: Settings -> Channel -> Push -> Web Push and configure the following settings:


Default Push Icon

All Web Push notifications contain an icon. The MoEngage icon is the default icon. You can change this by uploading your Brand’s logo.


Domain Type (HTTPS)

Select HTTPS as the domain.


Attention to Developers

For information about integrating HTTPS using the web SDK, refer to Configure and Integrate Web Push.


If you have multiple subdomains and you want to use the same Dashboard to track, then enable it.


Preview for different OS

You can also preview how your message with look like on different operating systems.


Configure Web Push Opt-In

Opt-In refers to the way the push permission is asked from the users on your webpage. MoEngage provides three types of push opt-in.

  • 1-Click Opt-In
  • Two-Step Opt-In
  • Self Handled Opt-in

One-Click Opt-In


Two-Step Opt-In

Recommended option as it is a soft ask. Soft ask means that the option is displayed multiple times even if the user does not allow it. It will maximize your reachable users.

On the web page users are asked a  "soft-ask" which gauges user preference and proceeds to show the main browser permission upon allowed.


Self-Handled Opt-in

You can enable this option on the MoEngage only with web SDK integration.


Attention to Developers

For information about configuring Self Handled opt-in, refer to Configure Web Push Opt-In.

Push Opt-in Re-appear Time

In case the users close the opt-in or banner/nudge, you can configure the time after which to show the opt-in again to the user. This is referred to as Opt-in re-appear time as described.



Hide branding

You can hide the MoEngage logo appearing on Soft Ask and Hard Ask Overlay by checking this box.


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