Install/Uninstall/Reinstall Integration Validation


This help article covers specific User Actions Testing related information like Install/Update/  Uninstall/Reinstall across Android and iOS platforms.

What we want to Validate

Ensuring if Install, Update, Uninstall, Reinstalled are tracked correctly


How to do validation

First we should get the app build for Android/iOS after it is integrated with MoEngage SDK. 

  • Once we install the app build on our device then open the app, it should track INSTALL event in the user profile.

  • In case you have newer version available and you install that app build on top of existing app on the device, it should track UPDATE event in the user profile.
  • In case you remove the app from the device or uninstall, it should track UNINSTALL(via silent push or sending/testing push campaign). For more details, please refer this Uninstall tracking.
  • After you have uninstall the app and installing it again on the same device, it should track REINSTALL event in the use profile.


Success Criteria

We should be able to track INSTALL, UPDATE, UNINSTALL, REINSTALL correctly on the user profile as an event as it decides reachability of the user via push.


  • If user has still app installed then Install status of user attribute will be true.mceclip0.png

Potential Issues and Solution

  • If Install/Update is not correctly tracked, we will not be able to create campaigns to target users on install to register drop use cases, updating apps from one version to another. To fix INSTALL/UPDATE issue, please check Android and iOS as per the platform.

  • If Uninstall tracking is not implemented correctly, this can lead to issues in push delivery like more stale users in the system but not reachable. To fix UNINSTALL tracking issue, please check this link.

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