SMS Campaign Analytics

With MoEngage SMS Campaigns, you can track all your campaign performance and delivery metrics.



      1. All the metrics are calculated and displayed in the App's Timezone.
      2. We've revamped our Analytics and Info UI. For more information, refer to SMS Analytics and Info.


1. Sent: When the SMS request is placed with the SMS provider, the receiving server will return a response code indicating what happened to that request. Sent is the number of users for whom the request was successfully accepted to be sent. 

2. Delivered: Delivered is the count of users to whom the message is successfully delivered. Once the SMS is sent, SMS providers inform us back when they have confirmed delivery receipts from the Mobile Operators. These numbers are supposed to increase over time as deliveries might be delayed in the event that the customer is not reachable because of network/battery issues.  

Note: This metric is captured for SMS sent via Custom Connectors only when Delivery Tracking is enabled. For more information, refer to Delivery Tracking in Custom Connectors.

3. Clicked: Clicked is the number of times the URL in your SMS was clicked by the users who received your message. MoEngage tracks the clicks only if you have enabled Click Tracking in your campaigns.

Disclaimer: All the URLs added to the SMS message body will expire within 15 days of the campaign/message sent date. Upon expiry, MoEngage will not track clicks on these URLs. 


If you have attached a conversion goal to your SMS campaign, you should be able to see the Conversion events and Conversion for the campaign.

In the case of Integrated SMS connectors, the conversions are attributed only to the customers for whom we have received Delivery Receipts.

In the case of custom SMS connectors, the conversions are attributed based on whether the delivery tracking for the custom SMS connector is enabled. When Delivery Tracking for custom SMS connectors is configured, the conversions are attributed only to customers for whom we have received Delivery Receipts. When Delivery Tracking is NOT configured, the conversions are attributed to the customers for whom the SMS is successfully sent from our side. 

4. Conversion Events: Number of conversion events executed by users within 36 hours of successfully sending the connector instance or SMS Delivered as applicable.

5. Conversions: Number of unique users who have executed the conversion event at least once within 36 hours of successfully sending the connector instance or SMS Delivered as applicable.

The conversion Rate is calculated as :

Revenue Metrics

You can also track revenue for your SMS Campaigns. While setting the conversion goal (in Step 3 of campaign creation), you can choose for which goal you want to track the Revenue.

For your campaign, you will then be able to see three revenue metrics below:


Total Campaign Revenue is the sum of the total order value across conversion events attributed to the campaign.

Average Order value is calculated as:



Average Revenue Per User is calculated as:



Conversion Goals Performance

You will be able to see this section when you have set more than one conversion goal for your campaigns. The section compares the performance of goals set by the marketer for the campaign.

All Goals: Will show all goal events for respective goals i.e. if a user made a purchase twice, it will be shown twice. It is the equivalent of conversion events covered in the sections above.

Unique Goals: Goals unique across the users converted per campaign instance. It is the equivalent of the Conversions metric covered in the sections above.

Failure Reasons

There can be certain users for whom the response from the request URL returned any status other than 200 or users for whom we fail to find any value against the user/event attributes used in the SMS requests. 

To summarize:

Response Code Marked as successfully sent Marked as failed Retried?
200 Yes No No
Others No Yes No


You will also be able to see the split of failures and their reasons here. These failures are segregated into two parts:

Failed to Send

It shows the reasons for which we failed to send an SMS to your SMS provider. This may happen because of multiple reasons, as below:

  1. Personalization Failed occurs when one or more of the event/user attributes used in the request are not found for the specific user.
  2. Error on SMS Provider side: Error Codes are shown as what is received when the request is made to the SMS provider. The count shows the total aggregated number. You can know more about these errors from the documentation of your SMS provider.Screen_Shot_2018-05-18_at_5.53.56_PM.png

Failed to Deliver

It shows the reasons from your SMS provider based on which provider failed to deliver your SMS. SMS Delivery is marked based on the delivery receipt of the SMS provider. MoEngage system tracks delivery only for Integrated SMS Connectors, viz. Gupshup, Solutions Infini (also known as Kaleyra), and Sinch.

Apart from the errors that come directly from the SMS provider, we also show an error in transit when we await the delivery receipt from your SMS provider.




In the case of custom connectors, all the SMS sent out will have the Failed to Deliver status as Pending Delivery Confirmation. This is not a cause for concern, and for actual status, please reach out to your  SMS vendor.

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