Flows - Edit, Duplicate, Pause & Resume

Once created, Flows can be:

  1. Saved - To continue flow completion and publish later
  2. Published - To make it live and active so that it can start targeting the end users

Both these actions are present on right top bar. These are the actions that are present in each Journey depending on the Journey Mode e.g. if journey is not yet published, you will have an option to Publish it, Save the changes made or duplicate it to create a similar but new workflow.



Once published, a journey will be in Stats mode i.e. showing how users have crossed each stage. One can edit the journey by entering the edit mode (by toggling the pencil icon on left top bar)


In edit mode, one can only change the Push/Email messages or Journey conditions/ Wait times. Adding or Removing any new block is not a valid action. 

Once any state is edited and journey is published with new changes, users that have crossed the edited states will be unaffected. Only the users that are arriving to the edited states afresh will be re-evaluated with new conditions or sent the latest messages.

If you wish to change the Flow such that new blocks have to be added, Pause the existing flow and duplicate it to created new Flow.


Marketers can also duplicate an existing journey by clicking on the duplicate icon in the top left bar.


This will open a duplicate instance of the already created journey in a new tab which can then be changed, saved and published.


An active journey can be paused by clicking on Pause Button placed on right top corner.


Once paused, the users on any journey stage won’t change be evaluated. Due to pause, it might so happen that few users can get indefinitely stuck on any of the journey stage even after resuming the journey.

In paused state:

  • new users will not enter the journey
  • No message will be sent
  • No condition will be evaluated
  • Users that are already in journey won’t advance

Any paused journey can be resumed as and when marketers want. Once resumed, the system will start evaluating the existing users in the respective journey states.


Journey once published can also be permanently stopped by clicking the Stop Button on the top right bar.

Note: Journey once stopped cannot be resumed.



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