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To find any user on the MoEngage dashboard an identity is required, using which user can be identified & searched in the MoEngage system.

All users of any account can be divided into two groups: Logged in Users and Anonymous Users. This doc explains how to find Logged in and Anonymous Users.


Logged in Users

A user who logs into your app/website would have parameters such as Mobile Number, Email Address, or custom identifier ID (generated by the app). For each user, MoEngage also generates an identifier MoEngage ID. You can search for the user using the parameters.

To search using Mobile Number, Email address, ID, or MoEngage ID 

  1. Navigate MoEngage Dashboard > Segment and click Create Segment page
  2. Type one of the parameters in the user search box and search.
    The search results in a list of users matching searched text with the parameters.
  3. Click the user you wish to view and the user profile of the respective user is displayed.

The current system doesn’t support search by MoEngage ID if the user base is below 10k. Search by MoEngage ID works only after the user base is above 10,000.




Admin and Managers can also leave instructions for their team members on how to search their users.


Anonymous users

Web Users

Web-users subscribed to web push are found using the MoEngage dashboard. User web push token is required to search for any web user.

1. Web push token For Laptop, Desktop, and Tablets

The user must have accepted the request to receive the web push notification. If the web push notification request is denied previously, then:

  1. Open the website
  2. Click on Security Icon on the left side of the address bar
  3. Change the Notification option from Denied to Ask
  4. Reload the page and accept to receive the web push notification.

To view the user web push token, do the following:

  1. Install the MoEngage SDK extension for the chrome browser of the user using the following link
  2. Open the website
  3. Click on the extension.
  4. Copy the push token present in the Web Push tab.
    (It may take a few seconds to get the push token information. If not available, reload the website & click on the extension after some time.)



2. Web push token for Mobile devices

Follow the steps given below to know the push token for mobile devices -

  1. Connect the phone with the laptop, open the site in chrome, and in the laptop open this: chrome://inspect/#devices.
  2. You’ll see your device listed with the sites opened on your phone, just click inspect on the website which you are testing.


  3. You’ll see the same inspect tab you see on the desktop, go to the application-->local storage --> MOE_DATA --> fetch push_token.


To search for a user, on the Segmentation page, using the web push token, do the following:

  1. In the Create segment page, click the User Behavior tab,
  2. From the event drop-down list, select the following:
    Has Executed
    Subscribed to WebPush (select this event).
  3. From the time attribute drop-down list, select the time duration in which the user must have subscribed to the web push.
  4. Click Add attribute and filter for MOE_WEB_PUSH_TOKEN (this is the event attribute)
  5. Copy and paste your web push token into the filter box
  6. Click Show count.

From the Query result, click on the user to open the user profile.WPuser.png


Android Users

Note: Ensure you have Google Advertising ID (GAID) enabled during integration for users who are not logged in.

Use the GAID to identify any Android user who is not logged in. GAID of an Android device is available using the following:

  • Settings of the android phone, or
  • Apps are available on the Google Play Store which can provide the GAID of an Android device.
    For more information, refer to the Sample app.

To search using the GAID,

  1. In the Create segment page, click the User property tab,
  2. From the event attribute drop-down list, select Google Advertising ID (Android)
  3. Copy and paste the GAID into the filter box
  4. Click Show count.GAID_USer.gif


From the Query result, click on the user to open the user profile.GAID.png


iOS Users

Use the advertising identifier IDFA to identify any iOS user who is not logged in. You need to opt-in for IDFA tracking in MoEngage. MoEngage captures IDFA only if the user allows permission to track across the app and website.

Note: IDFA can be tracked only if the AdSupport framework is added to your iOS project.

If IDFA tracking is opted out, IDFA will not be tracked. For more information about IDFA tracking, refer to the opt-out capability in MoEngage

Apps are available on Apple App Store to get the IDFA of an iOS device. For more information, refer to Sample App

To search using the IDFA,

  1. In the Create segment page, click the User property tab
  2. From the event attribute drop-down list, select Advertising Identifier (iOS & Windows) 
  3. Copy and paste IDFA in the filter box 
  4. Click Show count.IDFA.gif

From the Query result, click on the user to open the user profile.

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