Pre-Send Checklist

This section outlines the things that a new email sender should monitor before they are ready to send emails.

  1. Set up the infrastructure for the sender and domain from which you wish to send emails.
    1. Make sure all the setup and compliance requirements are met.
    2. Make sure the email settings are added in the MoEngage UI and the email statistics are tracked as expected.
  2. Make sure that you ramped up to send volume you are attempting to send.
    1. Check the highest volume sent in the last 30 days
    2. Check if the volume you are planning to send is less than 150% of the highest volume you sent in the last 30 days. if yes, you can go ahead and send emails. For example, if the volume sent in the last 30 days is 100k, and the volume you are planning to send is less than 150k, you can go ahead and send emails.
    3. if the above criteria is not satisfied, and:
      1. You have sent twice the peak volume in the last 30 days, then split the volume into two and send them with a 4-hour gap.
      2. You have sent more than twice the peak volume, then scale up to reach that volume and increase the 50% volume each day until you reach that number.
      3. If it’s a one-off email, then you can split it into multiple segments and send it in over 2-3 days without following scale-up.


        If you are undergoing warm-up, follow the warm-up best practices.

  3. Maintain an appropriate audience list, make sure this list has the following:
    1. Active users as the target audience. Active users are users who opened the email, app, or site at least 1 time in the last 60 days.
    2. If the audience list consists of a mix of users, ensure that at least 70% of the list comprises active users.
    3. Make sure the opt-outs are suppressed as expected.
  4. Check if the email content meets the following criteria:
    1. Ensure that the content is personalized.
    2. Check if the content is relevant to the selected audience
    3. Ensure that the unsubscribe link is properly added.
    4. Check whether all the links are functioning as expected.
  5. Check other settings such as:
    1. Ensure that Frequency Capping (FC) and Do-Not-Disturb (DND) settings are configured as intended.
    2. Confirm that the control group has been set up as required.
    3. Verify that the conversion goal is correctly added.
    4. Make sure that the RPM and schedule are aligned with expectations.

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