Best Practices Regarding Request Per Minute (RPM)

RPM stands for 'requests per minute.' In email campaigns, this term refers to the number of emails sent per minute. Follow the below best practices regarding RPM.

  • During the warm-up phase, use an RPM of 1k only for the first 10 days, before slowly increasing it.
    • The warm-up plan includes RPM recommendations as well.
  • After ramping up, slowly increase RPM week on week.
  • If you are sending after a pause of more than 10 days, use low RPM and spread the volume over three hours.
  • Ideally, you should be able to send your entire volume within one hour or less. Configure RPM accordingly.
    • RPM * 60 = Volume delivered in an hour
  • If your RPM is low and your emails spread out a lot, slowly increase your RPM.
    • Give one week for each change to stabilize.
    • Monitor closely to ensure there are no deferrals.


Reach out to your Email Deliverability consultant for any questions.





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