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Domain reputation is the health of a domain as perceived by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mailbox providers. If your domain has a good reputation, the ISPs send your emails to the recipient’s inbox assuming that your emails are relevant and valuable to them. If your domain has a bad reputation, the ISPs may send your emails to the recipient’s spam folder or block your emails.

In email marketing, there are various factors that determine a domain's reputation. For example, engagement and conversion rate, spam complaint rate, spam traps, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate.

If you are getting started with sending emails from a new domain, it is crucial to build your domain's reputation. For more information on how to build your domain reputation, refer to Email Warm-Up.

Domain Reputation Information in MoEngage Dashboard

MoEngage displays the domain reputation information in the dashboard so that marketers can understand their domain's health and its impact on the performance of their email campaigns. The domain reputation is indicated as High, Medium, Low, or Bad. This feature helps marketers to co-relate campaign's performance with domain reputation. It is recommended to add a domain with high reputation because it is a key factor that impacts email deliverability.



It is assumed that clients have provided access to their domain reputation information in Google Postmaster. MoEngage fetches updated domain reputation data from Google Postmaster and displays it in the dashboard.

All Campaigns Page

On the All campaigns page, MoEngage shows the domain reputation for email campaigns only. The current reputation of a specific domain used for the email campaign is displayed below the name of each campaign. 

dr 6 all camp.png

Filter Campaigns

You can filter email campaigns using their domain reputation.

dr - filter.png

Email Configuration Page

MoEngage shows the domain reputation for each verified domain when you add a new "from email address" in email settings. Go to Settings > Channels > Email. The EMAIL SETTINGS page is displayed. On the GENERAL SETTINGS tab, you can see domain reputation for verified domains in the Domain reputation (DR) column.


Knowing the current reputation of a specific domain while adding a "from email address" in email settings helps you decide whether you must employ that domain or not.

Domain Reputation Trend

You can also see the trend of your domain reputation. The reputation of a domain can change over a period of time. Click the trend icon to see the trend of your domain reputation.



You need to have access to email settings to view this.


The Domain reputation pop-up with the trend of your domain reputation is displayed. By default, you can see the trend for the last 14 days.

14 days default DR.png

You can select other periods from the drop-down list to see the domain reputation information in the past. Other supported periods are: Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, Last 90 days, and Last 120 days.

60 days DR.png

You can hover your mouse on the timeline to see the reputation of your domain on a specific date.

DR on specific day in trend.png

Email Creation Page

MoEngage shows the domain reputation for each unique domain when you select a "from email address" during email campaign creation.


When you hover your mouse on a specific domain, you can see more information such as when the reputation information was last updated. For example:


When you select a domain with a Medium/Low/Bad reputation, you will see a disclaimer. For example, in the following scenario, the marketer has selected a domain with a Low reputation:


Email Campaign Analytics Page

On the Campaign analytics and info page, MoEngage shows a disclaimer when the reputation of the domain used for that campaign is Medium/Low/Bad on the day when the campaign is published.


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