Best Practices Regarding Sending Patterns

Sending patterns depends on your business and industry. Follow the below best practices regarding the sending patterns related to email campaigns:

  • To keep the IP and domain warm, send at least 1 campaign to active users per week.
    • You can send one campaign only to active users per week regardless so the engagement rates are higher.
  • Send at least one campaign per month to the ramped-up volume.
    • Conversely, only ramp up to the volume you plan to send immediately and in the next 6-8 weeks.
    • Ramping up to a higher volume when you don’t plan to send such high volumes is a moot activity.
  • Lower the sender patterns based on engagement. This is mostly related to the E-Com business.
    • For most active users: send as required or 2 per week.
    • For less active users: slightly lower than most active users; one per week.
    • For new users: follow the onboarding flow or treat them as less active users.
    • For other users, who are not active recently but are not inactive yet:  Send targeted campaigns based on their previous history.
    • For inactive users, who have not engaged in more than 9 months: Suppress permanently and do not send to them.

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